Vanguard Hotels


Vanguard Hotels intends to become a leading owner and operator of affordable branded hotels in Southeast Asia.


Vanguard Hotels will provide dynamic, aspirational branding options for our customers, evolving to meet their needs as they grow and change over time.

Vanguard Hotels will work with highest quality foreign investors and local partner companies in each market to provide the right formula to arrive at a suitable hotel experience for our customers in that country.

Vanguard Hotels will aim to provide these hotels to customers at a price point, and in an operating environment that allows for maximizing the profit opportunity and providing the highest possible returns to its shareholder partners.

Vanguard Hotels has, as its core mission, to become a leading operator of branded affordable economy hotels in Southeast Asia in the next five years. As the “branded limited service” category is essentially new in Asia, Vanguard Hotels is investing in this business opportunity with an ambitious strategy.

Our benchmarks (for achieving our mission)

  • Dynamic brands...modern, progressive, profitable and iconic.
  • Leadership in our core geographies...size, scale, customer perception.
  • Profitable...high occupancies generating high yields and downstream profits.