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Representative of Welas Pte Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Appointed Jan, 2014

Tony Wales is a private investor who operates a family investment office based in Sydney. He was involved with Computershare since 1981 and was appointed Executive (Finance) Director in 1990. In 2001, Tony relinquished his executive responsibilities and since that time has remained on the Board in a non-executive capacity.

During his time as Finance Director, Tony was instrumental in much of the strategic expansion of the group from its days as a small Australian provider of bureau services to now,the largest provider globally of the many services it now offers in over 20 countries. Tony continues to maintain his shareholding in Computershare and remains active at the ASX-listed financial services company Firstfolio.

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Donald Devivo, Chairman

Representative of Zesiger Capital Group, New York, NY

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Bruce Musick, CEO

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Vanguard Hotels Tony Wales

Representative of Welas Pte Ltd, Sydney, Australia