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Group Technical Services Manager

Lloyd Wallace, Group Technical Services Manager, is an internationally experienced and qualified Project and Construction Manager. He possesses a diverse range of sector experience including hotels, resorts, retail shopping centres, airports and infrastructure projects with extensive international experience having delivered projects in South Africa, UAE, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. Mr. Wallace has excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to create and lead an organisation culture of collaboration. He is self-motivated, assertive, commercially aware and most importantly, hands-on. He has been involved in multiple aspects of the design, construction and operation of hotel and resort projects, including close liaison with hotel owner and operators to deliver optimum design and construction solutions.

Management Team

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Bruce Musick

Group CEO

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Michael Hughes

Group Chief Financial Officer

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Lenin Gonzalez

Group Information Technology Manager

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Chrismarie Tecson

Group Corporate Communications Manager

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Jonna Serafin

Group Human Resources Manager