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Representative of Zesiger Capital Group, New York, NY

Appointed May, 2010

Don is a Managing Director at Zesiger Capital Group LLC, a New York based investment advisory group with substantial assets invested in emerging markets. He received a BA in Physics from Vassar College and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Toronto. He lived in Southeast Asia for most of the 1980's working for the United Nations providing research and advisory services to Boards of Investment in the area of foreign direct investment and capital market development. In1990 Don and a partner founded several ventures in Vietnam, including Indochina Building Supplies Pte. Ltd. and Megastar Media, the leading multiplex cinema exhibitor and distributor in the country.

Don initially joined Zesiger Capital Group in 2000 with responsibilities primarily as portfolio manager in the international sector. Between June 2005 and December 2008, Don was a Managing Partner of Caravel Management and the Chief Investment officer of the Caravel Fund, which focuses on frontier emerging markets. He re-joined Zesiger Capital as of January, 2009. In addition to his responsibilities for the emerging market portfolio at Zesiger Capital Group, Don also sits on the boards of several venture capital investments by Zesiger Capital Group including LRM Industries, Apiqe Ltd., Envoy Net Lease Partners Ltd. and Vanguard Hotels Pte. Ltd.

Board of Directors

Vanguard Hotels
Donald Devivo, Chairman

Representative of Zesiger Capital Group, New York, NY

Vanguard Hotels
Bruce Musick, CEO

Representative of Vanguard Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore

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Representative of Fresh Water Universal Inc, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Representative of V12 Pte Ltd

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Representative of Welas Pte Ltd, Sydney, Australia