Vanguard Hotels

Vanguard Hotels invests under the following strategic parameters:

All investments are located in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Southeast Asia includes some of the most dynamic economies anywhere in the world. Key countries include Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

All investments include a "link" between hospitality, travel and property.

Vanguard Hotels has, as its core investment mandate, to exploit market opportunities in the hospitality sector. Vanguard believes that hospitality, with a travel and property link, represents some of the best investment opportunities available in Southeast Asia.

The company has a direct say in the management of all of its investments.

Vanguard Hotels management has extensive background in hospitality, travel and property projects around the Asia Pacific. To that end, the company takes the view that it should directly oversee the development, operations and financial management of each of its projects.

Vanguard co-invests with other strategic partners where appropriate.

Vanguard Hotels invests with other groups in Asia with a similar strategic interest. The company co-invests with these groups to maximize capital resources from which to increase its relative stake and control of invested companies and to better take advantage of country-specific opportunities where local knowledge and influence is paramount.